Affordable Hair Transplants

Affordable Hair Transplants

Affordable Hair Transplants – The Real Hair Loss Solution

Hair Transplant Surgery is the only permanent solution to hair loss. While there are many good and effective short-term medication options it is still hair transplant surgery that remains the gold standard in dealing with hair loss. But what exactly does hair transplant surgery entail?

What makes a hair transplant permanent in the first place? Why should someone choose hair transplant surgery? And don’t all hair transplants look like…well….hair transplants? Not those done by New Jersey hair transplant surgeon Dr. Gregory Pistone!
Hair transplants have come a long way from the procedures of the 70’s and 80’s. Back then the field of hair transplants was in its infancy and not only did

the procedures look artificial but they inevitably led to a follow-up surgical operation…..namely hair transplant repair.

Affordable Hair Transplants

The problem was with the size of the donor hair section used. Hair transplant doctors use sections of the scalp that are abundant and healthy, usually the back and sides of the scalp, and transplant these sections to an area of the scalp in need of rejuvenation like the top of the scalp and the temples.
Unfortunately the size of the donor section was unduly large, using as many as 20-30 hair follicles at a time, making it very difficult for hair transplant doctors to manipulate into a natural-looking scalp.

There was also the concern of waste. Hair transplant surgery necessitates the use of healthy donor tissue from the back of the scalp, but this is not an unlimited resource, often wasted by the crude technology of the early hair transplants.
Today’s hair transplant surgery doesn’t in any way resemble the old hair transplants. Modern techniques like Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation use a much smaller section of donor hair, usually about 1-4 hair follicles, that allow the hair transplant doctor to easily manipulate the follicle and avoid problems like hairs growing in the wrong direction and the pluggy “doll’s head” look.

In addition, side effects like headaches after the hair transplant and scalp redness, have become quite rare. Best of all, unlike hair loss medications, the results of a hair transplant are permanent and usually require no more than a few follow-up visitations to reach completion.
As far as how they look, most people have stories about bad hair transplants they’ve seen. But the truth is those same people probably haven’t noticed the good hair transplants, because frankly, they’re good.

As with any procedure, picking a good hair transplant doctor is an important factor in determining hair transplant success. And nothing looks better, or is less noticeable, than a successful hair transplant.

Affordable Hair Transplants

All About Men’s Hair Loss

All About Men’s Hair Loss
While no one wants to leave the female hair loss victims out, most people are more familiar with men’s hair loss. This often genetic occurrence affects millions

of men every year and certainly takes its toll in a variety of ways. One of your best options in terms of fighting this problem is to educate yourself about why it happens,

ways to prevent it, and the common treatments for hair loss. It’s also important for you to know that you aren’t alone and new hair loss treatment options are developed everyday.

So without further ado, here is your brief look at male pattern baldness and what you can do about it.

  • Why men lose their hair
  • Good health habits can offer hope
  • Ways to regrow hair naturally

There are all kinds of myths surrounding the hair loss cause. Some people think it comes from the maternal grandfather, and if he was bald any male children will be too.

Affordable Hair Transplants

Others are convinced wearing hats a lot or combing your hair a certain way will lead to hair loss. The truth is male hair loss is from either a genetic predisposition or due to health problems.

For some unfortunate souls, it can be both as well. As previously noted, this condition is relatively common as you can see by the number of hair regrowth products available on the market.

Most men try to correct their hair loss without even considering the idea that their health habits may have something to do with the loss in the first place.

A recent study has suggested that smokers have a higher incidence of baldness. Lacking certain vitamins and minerals is another reason why hair loss can become a problem.

The good news is by taking care of health risks like poor eating habits, smoking, and not getting enough exercise, you are improving your overall health and not just working to regrow hair, though that is a bonus too.

Many men approach their men’s hair loss by using hair regrowth products containing minoxidil. This can be effective for some people, but many others are interested in taking care of this problem naturally.

There are various forms of natural hair regrowth options out there from hair regrowth shampoo to naturally formulated hair regrowth formulas.

All you have to do is find the one that works for you, sit back, and watch the hair regrow.

Affordable Hair Transplants