Cure Hair Loss with Avodart

Cure Hair Loss with Avodart – At Your Own Risk

Cure Hair Loss with Avodart – At Your Own Risk

Cure Hair Loss with Avodart – At Your Own Risk!
Those in the market for a hair loss treatment will sooner or later run across the online buzz that informs those losing hair that there are several medications currently available on the market that will work better than any hair system, no matter what your hair loss cause!

Though usually not indicated for female hair loss, male baldness is said to be curable and reversible, and those who may have gone so far as to consider hair transplantation –

Cure Hair Loss with Avodart

other commercially available hair treatments may have been tried and failed to perform as well as hoped – will be astonished to learn about these prescription drugs.

Further investigation into the claims that faster hair growth and guaranteed hair loss treatments may be yours without the need for medical hair restoration, the purchase of black hair care products or even the dreaded powdered seaweed wrap will inevitably lead to the name Avodart.

Interested consumers will learn that yes, you can cure hair loss with Avodart – at your own risk!

Most commonly touted online as a miracle cure for male pattern baldness, Avodart is a bona fide prescription drug given to those who are suffering from an enlarged prostate. During clinical trials,

it was noted that hair loss seemed to have been halted virtually overnight when the drug was taken, and this made for a most desirable side effect,

causing some patients to request their physicians to prescribe Avodart for them in an off label capacity not for their prostate but to stem the tide of falling hairs.

Yet before you decide to discard your hair loss shampoo in favor of this kind of off label hair loss solution, keep in mind that any time you use a prescription drug – whether for a treatment for hair loss or any other reason – there are serious side effect.

Sure, in order to cure hair loss many a man will go to great length, but would it be worth the risk of impotence? Avodart is known to cause impotence in men

taking it long enough and while a full head of hair may be an enviable look, are you certain that your mate will appreciate your willingness to let other things go south – literally?

If you are determined in your decision to make a prescription your new vitamin for hair loss and bid any thoughts of hair restoration surgery a fond farewell, discuss your choice with your physician.

Since the drug would be used in an off label capacity, the odds of your insurance company footing the bill are slim to none. Furthermore, only your doctor will have the ability to decide if this is a safe alternative for you.

Those who have physicians who refuse the prescription of Avodart need to think twice before digging in their heels and deciding that Avodart will cure hair loss for them one way or another!

Sure, you could purchase it from any of the disreputable online pharmacies that will go through a token medical questionnaire and all but guide you in the kinds of answers you need to give in order to receive the drug, but failure to have someone

who is intimately familiar with your medical history prescribe the drug and monitor you frequently while you are taking it is more dangerous and could cause more side effects and potentially harmful problems than any hair loss cure is worth!

Cure Hair Loss with Avodart

Cure Hair Loss with OTC Meds

Cure Hair Loss with OTC Meds
For many who seek to cure their hair loss condition, OTC meds or the terms of the substances contained therein are very familiar.

At times these terms are used interchangeably while at other times the substance is referred to as an OTC med with a specific ingredient.

Initially, the substance found in the OTC meds was used during drug experiments in an effort to counteract the dangers of high blood pressure.

The substance was found to have the ability to cause blood vessels to expand, and thus presented a viable solution for those in danger of strokes. An interesting side effect reported during the drug’s trials was a re-growth of hair!

Naturally this appealed to those who are always looking for a baldness remedy, and soon the substance was marketed as an OTC med.

Cure Hair Loss with Avodart

By and large only a two percent mix has shown to have favorable results on the scalps of both women and men, while the stronger five percent obviously has an even better effectiveness but is contraindicated for women.

The manufacturers this substance which promises to cure hair loss have made the connection between dilated blood vessels and a halt to hair loss and even a follicle stimulation,

but the exact hormonal shift or physical change that the scalp undergoes is not yet entirely understood.

Like any substance that has been shown to cure hair loss, OTC meds do have some side effects – usually they are associated with an overdose of the substance:

  1. An irregular heart beat, blurry vision, lightheadedness and alternating feelings of hot and cold are one of the most severe side effects reported.

  2. In some cases a low fever that may last only a few hours after application of the substance has been reported.

  3. Those with a sensitive scalp have reported that the foam which is applied to the scalp may be the cause of a rather bothersome itchiness.

Although women are found to be suited patients for the use of OTC meds to cure hair loss, their use of the active ingredient sometimes needs to be restricted.

Like many a drug or substance, the essence of OTC meds has been shown to enter the bloodstream via the skin and if a woman is pregnant or nursing, the drug will be passed on to the child.

Physicians are not entirely certain what the dangers to mother and child are, yet in every case where there is no hard evidence to the contrary, it is wise to discontinue use immediately if you become pregnant or decide on nursing your infant.

Even though the most popular OTC med shows itself effective to cure hair loss, it is not a silver bullet. By and large, if you still have hair and are just noticing a thinning, your results will be the best.

If you are waiting until a good portion of your hair has fallen out, OTC meds may be able to halt the hair loss and even cause some hair to re-grow,

but there is no guarantee that you will have each and every bald spot covered. Similarly, some patterns of baldness appear to respond quicker and more

consistently to treatment than others and if you are thinking that your hair will be just a before, you may be somewhat surprised to find out that the hair that is sprouting will be fine – like baby hair! Thus, treating it with great care is vital.

Cure Hair Loss with Avodart