Hair Loss in Men and Women

Combating Hair Loss in Men and Women

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Combating Hair Loss in Men and Women

When it comes to hair loss in men and women, most of us have already seen, read, or heard just about everything there is to hear. However, that isn’t anywhere near the case.

The medical community, not to mention those in the hair styling field, is constantly working on ways to make this common, and often embarrassing problem easier for the people who suffer from it.

It doesn’t matter if you have thin hair because of genetics, an illness, or some other issue, hair loss and thin hair are very damaging to a person’s self esteem and confidence.

Luckily, your only option isn’t an obvious wig or toupee anymore. Here is a look at a few of the ways you can reclaim your former confidence and great hair.

Hair Loss in Men and Women

  • Haircuts for fine hair

  • Check into hair loss vitamin supplements

  • Consider natural thinning hair solution

Believe it or not, some of the most effective help you can find for your thin hair problem may be on the inside of a hair salon. Hair stylists are trained to help their clients with a multitude of hair crisis types.

From using highlighted hairstyles to hair extension, hair stylists can improve the appearance of your thin hair pretty quickly and easily.

He or she can also offer thin hair advice on how to care for your scalp, which might promote new hair growth. You need your doctor for medical answers; you need your stylists for everyday help.

What goes into your body is very often just as important as what goes on your body when it comes to treating hair loss. Genetics can do a number on your hair and how much of it you have, but you can make sure your body is well fed to combat those effects.

Many American adults are considered to be malnourished. Most of us don’t eat well enough for good health. The answer is to eat better and add in some vitamin and mineral supplements to make sure your hair follicles, not to mention the rest of you, has what is needed to function properly.

If you really want to avoid the use of chemical treatments for hair loss, consider an herbal hair loss product. There are a lot of very good ones on the market.

It is suggested that you review any product you are considering online first though. They may be in pill, capsule, or even tea forms. Hair loss in both men and women doesn’t have to rule your life. All you need is to correctly arm yourself.

Consumer Hair Loss Information

Consumer Hair Loss Information

Everyone grows and sheds hairs everyday; however, when this delicate cycle is disturbed and more hairs are loss than are grown, hair loss and baldness can occur.

Many begin to seek solutions, combing through the plethora of consumer hair loss information guides on the Internet and in print.

The amount of hair loss consumer information and research on hair loss and balding can be overwhelming. Following is a list of consumer hair loss sites that will help guide you through the process as you seek a solution to your condition.
Consumer Hair Loss Information and Research Resources
American Hair Loss Association – This organization is devoted to finding a cure for hair loss and increasing worldwide awareness and understanding of baldness and hair loss.
International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) – This is the first society dedicated to the advancement of hair restoration surgery.

Their membership includes surgeons from all over the world.
The Bald Truth – Broadcast information for the nationally syndicated radio program on hair loss and baldness.
Cicatricial Alopecia Research Foundation – Hair loss information for patients, families, and physicians.
Mayo Clinic:

A helpful introductory to hair loss, signs and symptoms, causes and available treatment.
Hair Loss and Its Causes – Information on possible reasons for hair loss, and treatments.
Hair Loss Help – This site includes live help from doctors and experts, with live chats, message boards, news.
Hair Loss Information Center – Information about thinning hair, baldness, and hair replacement.

Hair Loss in Men and Women

Coping with Thinning Hair in Women

Coping with Thinning Hair in Women
It may well be one of the strangest occurrences in the human experience, but have you ever noticed that when a man starts to lose his hair, there is a general feeling of compassion and empathy?

On the other hand, if a woman experiences problems with thinning hair, the reaction from others is more likely to be ridicule and finger pointing.

The fact is thinning hair in women is in many ways more traumatic than it is for men. At least men have some famous, handsome men who have led the way.

Sean Connery comes to mind. For women, the battle with thinning hair is often more public and embarrassing. Here are a few places you should feel comfortable turning for support in this difficult time.

Thinning Hair in Women

  • Your doctor

  • Friends and family

  • Online resources

Of all the people in your life you should be able to expect to understand and offer help, it’s your doctor. The truth is far too many women with thinning hair are ignored by their physicians.

If you are among that number, don’t hesitate to change doctors as soon as possible. Thinning hair in women can be caused by serious hormonal problems, polycystic ovary syndrome, or a thyroid condition.

The last thing you need right now is a medical professional who isn’t very professional and is insensitive to your needs and what you are going through.

In addition to members of the medical community, the other people you should be able to rely on are your friends and family.

Many women in your situation find that their female family members in particular often have some idea of effective female hair loss remedy ideas as female pattern baldness sometimes runs in families. If necessary, make sure your support group knows what you need.

If your best friend knows you need help finding a thin, fine hair style to work with your thinning hair, then he or she can be on the lookout. Speak up about what you need from these people.

Use your computer to get acquire as much information as possible about thinning hair in women. The Internet is an amazing resource for the latest news and hair loss herbal product trials.

Don’t forget about getting in touch with other women with hair loss on message boards or in chat rooms. This contact can make a huge difference in how you feel.

You can learn all about the natural thinning hair remedies all the way through to information on laser hair restoration quickly and effectively online.

Thinning Hair in Women