Thinning Hair in Women

An Odd Hair Loss Product Showcase

Hair Loss Product Showcase as Minoxidil. This is the only over-the-counter medication for hair loss approved by the FDA for use by both men and women. It won’t rescue a receding hairline. It does stimulate hair growth, although scientists aren’t quite sure how it works.

An Odd Hair Loss Product Showcase

Anyone suffering from hair loss has seen the cornucopia of supposed gadgets, treatments, and supplements that allegedly grow back hair on bald pates and strengthen

the little that is left before it, too, can beat a hasty retreat from your head. While many a hair loss treatment makes amazing claims that sound too good to be true,

the many testimonials that often accompany these ads and also the statistics cited appear to make doubts and questions go away in many minds. Granted,

it is always a bit of a crapshoot as to whether or not a hair loss product is truly worth its money, but some appear to be clearly on the fringe of probability.

 Hair Loss Product Showcase

Of course, anyone faced with the expense of a difficult to sustain hair system or those having to deal with female hair loss, more often than not find that they

are willing to try almost anything short of hair transplantation.

An odd hair loss product showcase is easily compiled by starting with the niche products that seem to be geared toward a highly specialized group of people:

you may find the black hair care and also the women’s hair loss potions, tinctures, and hair loss shampoos. From there you might move on to the somewhat questionable

supplements and externally applied masks for the scalp, some of which rely (oddly enough) on powdered seaweed. Still others will be a somewhat awkward mix of internally

taken supplements and externally applied masks, tinctures, and massage treatments, some of which sport a rather rigorous schedule that must be adhered to at all costs.

You will notice that this kind of hair loss product is usually sold via an affiliate marketer on the Internet and therefore many of the websites contain identical claims and information.

Even though it is rather tempting to go ahead and believe the sometimes outlandish claims, remember that none of them have been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration,

and even though the idea of truth in advertising holds appeal for many a consumer, the number of ways that advertisers skirt around the issue is impressive.

It is therefore advisable to restrain your urge for a quick fix and instead of signing up for an odd hair loss product treatment first ask for the complete list of ingredients.

Even though many a website may have a shortened list, some rely on what they refer to as “proprietary blends.” The assertion here being is that for the sake

of the trade secret they will not divulge this information. Others will attempt to have you jump through hoops when asking for the details simply by requesting that they will only honor requests of physicians.

Since this is where you should be headed with the list of ingredients anyways, it does not hurt to have your doctor send over an official request.

The goal, of course, is to ensure that all of the ingredients are safe and will not adversely affect the workings of any medications you are currently taking.

At the same time, permit your doctor the chance to review your hair loss and then check back after using the substance for a while to get an unbiased opinion about the workings of the hair loss product.

 Hair Loss Product Showcase

Are Natural Scalp Hair Treatments A Good Option For Everyone?

Are Natural Scalp Hair Treatments A Good Option For Everyone?
Most every consumer has been conditioned to believe that natural is better; hand in hand with this thought is the fallacy that natural comes from nature and thus it is always safe.

Sadly, this is not the case and natural scalp hair treatments are no exceptions to this line of thinking. Sure, for many years now the Internet has been abuzz with natural scalp hair treatments

 Hair Loss Product Showcase

which were suggested to be viable alternatives to the over the counter medicine currently available or the prescription drugs which many a hair loss sufferer has been using.

Granted, generally speaking a natural substance is usually preferable to a chemical compound, yet there are a number of cases where natural scalp hair treatments are not necessary the better choice.

The most obvious time that this is not a viable option is the case of the highly restrictive regimen which requires a strict adherence to a caplet taking, shampooing, conditioning, revitalizing, and massaging schedule which – if not followed to the letter – may not produce any results.

Many a consumer dislikes the strict by the hour treatment and this is actually the most commonly reported shortfall in the utilization of this kind of treatment: too long, too complicated, and too involved to fit into a normal 24-hour period.

Even if you do have the time to follow each and every step as well as the conviction to follow the instructions offered down to the last detail, some natural scalp hair treatments go so far as to require the application of heat in order to activate certain substances.

In some cases this may requite the use of a specially designed cap – which is available from the manufacturer at a steep price – while others times a regular shower cap will suffice.

This of course does seriously curtail your ability to function socially and continue to participate in a variety of activities.

As if the discomfort and lack of practicality of various natural scalp hair treatments were not enough, the high cost of the substances is frequently forbidding.

Since many a manufacturer will openly state that in order to accurately ascertain the effectiveness of their product a five to nine month period must elapse, you will need to be well prepared to spend as much money as it takes to support your daily scalp hair treatments for a prolonged period of time.

Since there is no oversight of the Food and Drug Administration and manufacturers are free to make whatever claims they see fit, consumers frequently wonder if the time, money and effort spent is truly worthwhile.

In summary, natural scalp hair treatments don’t cure hair loss and have several drawbacks which render them useless for a good many consumers:

  1. Prohibitive cost and prolonged treatment periods required.
  2. Isolation factor is high because of the complicated treatment regimens.
  3. Food and Drug Administration oversight is non existent and there is no guarantee that manufacturer claims are accurate and truthful.
  4. The possibility for fraud is very high and sadly many a consumer has found that after all the expense and time spent on reclaiming lost hair, precious little is seen growing on the head at the conclusion of the treatment.

 Hair Loss Product Showcase