Hair Loss in Men and Women

A Closer Look at the New Hair Loss Treatment Options

A Closer Look at the New Hair Loss Treatment Options
If you have been through the rigors of searching for an effective hair loss treatment to work for you and never seem to get anywhere, it can seem like a lost battle. However, you have to remember that new hair loss treatment options are being discovered all the time.

It’s also imperative to be aware that you might need more than one treatment. Sometimes, they work better when they are used together.

No one would dispute that it’s frustrating, especially when you don’t seem to be making any progress. Here are some of the thinning hair treatments that are growing in popularity.

 Hair Loss Treatment Options

  • Thinning hair diet
  • Taking the herbal approach
  • Hair restoration procedures

For most people their thinning hair is directly related to their gene pool. There are cases, however, when hair loss is related to a person’s overall health as well.

The genetic factor might be an issue, but if you aren’t getting proper nutrition, your problem is even more severe. Try eating a more balanced diet,

with an emphasis on vitamin B6 and zinc for controlling your thinning hair symptoms. Sometimes, small changes to your diet can make a huge difference in how effective your other hair loss products are.

You don’t have to jump on the lab created thin hair treatments for help. Though those products can be effective for some people, others prefer to look at the new, more natural tips for thinning hair.

Green tea, stinging nettle, and certain types of tree bark are showing great promise in encouraging the appearance of new hair. Thinning hair shampoo with all natural, hair-building ingredients are being used more frequently as well.

There are tons of things you can do while you explore the new hair loss treatment options to make your thin hair less obvious while you find out all about hair restoration procedures like hair transplantation and laser light surgical options. Both are pretty effective,

but they are rather expensive and take several sessions to be really successful. In the meantime, stick with your thinning hair shampoo and getting the right thinning hair cut for your hair and features.

Certain haircuts are very helpful as a women’s hair loss treatment. That small step will help disguise your thin hair better than many other options.

You should also make sure you get the support you need and make contacts with other hair loss sufferers in person or online.

Sign up for newsletters that can help notify you the second a new treatment has been found. Being proactive in your own care can make a huge difference in the ultimate outcome.

 Hair Loss Treatment Options

A Look at Hair Loss Product Options

A Look at Hair Loss Product Options
It only takes a minute of looking to find more hair loss product options and remedies than you can shake a stick at. From thin hair shampoo to special topical hair thinning solutions,

if you are only a little confused, you are doing better than most people. It can also be rather frustrating to try to find a way to stop losing hair when there are so many different products and you really don’t feel like you have the time to go through every one of them.

After all, it feels like you are losing tons of hair by the second and you want help now. In some cases, your doctor may be the best person to talk to and here is an example of a few medications he or she may have you try.

 Hair Loss Treatment Options

  • Growth stimulators
  • Super Oxide Dismutase
  • DHT inhibitors

It’s pretty self-explanatory what the deal with growth stimulators is. They are used to only treat the symptoms of hair loss and not the underlying cause.

While that may sound counterproductive to actually solving the hair thinning problem, many patients have found that growth stimulators offer a lot of assistance in the hair regrowth process. For many people it sure beats bad toupees or wigs.

In the cases of Super Oxide Dismutase or SOD as it is commonly known, the original cause of the hair loss is determined and the immune system is found to be the problem. When there is an excess of a substance called DHT in the hair follicles, hair loss is often the result.

With the use of these drugs, the DHT is neutralized and the patient’s hair can grow back in. This medication is especially helpful as not only does it correct the immune system deficiency, but it also contains growth stimulation abilities and anti-inflammatory properties as well.

DHT inhibitors work in a similar manner as the SOD hair loss product. The sole purpose of this medicine is to keep the DHT levels as close to normal as possible and block continued hair loss.

Unlike some of the topical treatments and thin hair shampoo products on the market, these doctor prescribed treatments are used to get to the root of the problem.

While men are the most common patients for these treatments, they are also effective for hair loss in women. When you are dealing with the physical and emotional effects of hair loss, it’s a comfort to know there are options for help out there.

 Hair Loss Treatment Options