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Bona Fide Hair Loss Vitamin – Real or Imagined

Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey 2019

Turkey is packed with protein for strong hair
Whilst turkey’s protein content can aid bone and muscle development, helping you to feel fuller for longer in the process, some of its other components can support hair health. Hair is made up of protein, therefore, ensuring there is enough in your diet is crucial.
But Turkey has a notoriously poor safety record when it comes to cosmetic surgery — including hair transplants. A 2021 survey of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons found that 100% of complications following cosmetic surgery occurred in Turkish clinics [2].

Bona Fide Hair Loss Vitamin – Real or Imagined?

It should not come as a big surprise to you that vitamins and hair health or hair loss go hand in hand. Vitamin deficiencies – although rare in developed nations where nutritional education is readily available and foods are easily obtained – have been shown to adversely

affect the health of skin, nails, hair, and a variety of bodily systems and functions. In the same vein, it is not at all surprising that those experiencing hair loss are easily

 Hair Loss Vitamin

swayed into believing that the purchase of a specifically formulated anti hair loss vitamin will make up for any deficiencies which may have crept into the diet and thus may be implicated in the loss of hair.

One such substance is that using maritime creatures extract; it is actively marketed on the Internet as being the answer for those who do not wish to undergo harsh, chemical treatments in an effort to stimulate hair growth and who much rather will go the healthier, natural route.

As such, the marketing effort of the supplement is somewhat unique in that it combines the use of a nutritional supplement with a hair care system which is allegedly able to not only stimulate follicles to once again grow hair, but then also provides the products that will keep the newly emerged tresses healthy.

Perhaps one of the most notable differences in this hair loss vitamin and care system approach is the fact that essences of sea life are utilized to round out its formula.

Other marketing statements are also quite notable:

  1. This hair loss vitamin claims that with a strict adherence to the stated regimen, you may quite possibly grow hair even on a bald head.

  2. A plethora of photographs showcasing this kind of hair growth are posted online

  3. Even if you have hair, using this hair treatment vitamin is beneficial in that it will cause your hair to not only stay healthy, but grow faster and thicken, and therefore anyone with fine hair is bound to take note.

Interestingly, it is noteworthy that this substance is marketed primarily to men and even though it is said to be safe for women, the manufacturer is somewhat circumspect when it comes to expanding on the efficacy for the beautiful sex. Studies cited showcase that men of varying ages have participated,

but that the ranks were devoid of women. While it is hard to tell if this is an oversight or an intentional marketing strategy, the fact that the substance using maritime creatures extract falls

under the heading of herbal supplementation which does not contain any substances banned in the United States, expresses that women are not discouraged from trying out the product.

While the manufacturer stands behind the product, it is vital to understand that the use of this hair loss vitamin is not an overnight proposition but instead a long term treatment choice that may span six months or more until the first results are noticed.

As with any nutritional supplements, prior to ingesting them it is wise to ask the manufacturer for the ingredients list and then discuss it with your physician to make

sure that there is n

 Hair Loss Vitamin

othing contained within the vitamin which may adversely affect your health or the workings of medications you are currently taking.


Causes for Hair Loss

The causes of hair loss differ, depending on several factors. If the hair loss is temporary, then there are certain reasons for the hair loss.

The cause will most often be different if the hair loss is permanent.
Temporary hair loss is a problem that can be easily remedied once the cause of hair loss is pinpointed. Hair loss causes for temporary hair loss range

from illnesses and medications to diet and emotional situations. Major surgeries, infections, high fevers, thyroid disease, some skin disorders, certain medications, iron and protein deficiencies, and severe emotional stress are all causes for temporary hair loss.

 Hair Loss Vitamin

Often, once the problems that caused the hair loss are remedied, or the medications are discontinued, the hair is usually restored on its own.
In women, temporary hair loss can occur after childbirth. Discontinuing oral contraceptives can cause hair loss as well for the same hormonal reasons.

Additionally, some women are affected by a disorder called Alopecia Areata. This disorder can cause hair loss in premenopausal women. During menopause, estrogen levels also decrease, leaving a greater chance of hair loss to occur.
Permanent hair loss is often due to an excess of DHT, short for DiHydro Testosterone, which is a male hormone that is also present in women in smaller quantities.

Hair follicles are sensitive to DHT, sometimes forcing the hair to fall out. There is little to be done to remedy this problem.

Hairloss causes due to DHT need to be resolved with either a hair transplantation procedure or Propecia, which is an oral medication that stabilizes the DHT.

It is prescribed to men with hair loss. To explore all options for your particular situation, contact Pistone Hair Restoration for more information.

 Hair Loss Vitamin