lebron hair plugs Fighting Hair Loss

lebron hair plugs

lebron hair plugs

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lebron hair plugs

Hair Loss Causes

There are a plethora of hair loss causes and reasons people lose their hair. Some of these reasons cause temporary hairloss, while others produce permanent hairloss.

The reasons for temporary hairloss range from illnesses acquired, medications taken, and infections attained, to heightened stress levels, unbalanced diet, and traumatic events.

The causes of permanent hairloss generally are due to hormonal imbalances and genetic associations. Whatever, the cause, the person experiencing the loss of their hair wants the very best hair loss treatment.
Temporary hairloss cases can usually be easily remedied.

The first step in solving this problem is to identify which of many hair loss causes is the culprit. Discuss with your doctor all of the possibilities that could cause this hairloss.

Mention any changes you have recently endured. Some possible hair loss causes include major surgeries, skin disorders, fevers, infections, thyroid disease,

lack of iron and protein, high levels of stress, some medications, and traumatic life events. In the majority of cases, once the best hair loss treatment is determined and the root of the problem is brought under control, hair growth will then return to its normal patterns.
Women may experience temporary hairloss following pregnancy. The reason for this is because during the pregnancy term, the hormones of a woman’s body changes.

Hair Loss Causes

Because pregnant women have elevated levels of progesterone and reduced levels of estrogen, hair will begin to fall into its resting stage too early. After childbirth,

new hair will then begin to grow, causing the hair that is in its resting phase to shed. This typically occurs between three and six months post childbirth, and women will attain normal hair growth patterns following this temporary situation.
Permanent hairloss often has a lot to do with hormonal imbalances. Elevated levels of Dihydrotestosterone, or DHT, can cause hairloss.

DHT is a male hormone that is also found in women in smaller amounts. Because hair follicles are ultra-sensitive to DHT, an excess of the hormone often causes the hair to fall out.

Hairloss that is caused by DHT will need to be treated using one of several options. One option to treat this type of hairloss is by using the medication Propecia, which works to stop the production of DHT.

This is the only type of oral medication that works to stop hair loss. Another option is hair transplantation surgery. This procedure replaces hair

follicles that no longer produce hair with healthy hair follicles to produce a natural looking head of hair with the actual natural hair growth process.

To learn more about all available options and determine what the best hair loss treatment is for your particular situation, contact Pistone Hair Restoration for the best hair loss treatment.
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Hair Loss – Children Suffer Too

Hair Loss – Children Suffer, Too
Have you ever overheard a parent asking a pharmacist for a hair loss treatment for their child? It is a sad reality that losing hair is not just something adults deal with,

but there is many hair systems and even a hair loss cure that is specifically designed for the use of children. Probably the first type of hair loss in children that a

parent will face comes at the toddler stage. While other children are sporting locks or even limp hair, your might have bald spots.

Consider the following: does your child frequently wear headbands (usually these are foisted on little girls more often than boys) or hats and caps?

While the latter are great at keeping heads and ears warm, they also reduce the scalp circulation and will contribute to some hair loss,

especially in those areas where the headband or the hat will rub against the skin and cause hair breakage. With the broken off hair, it will appear that the child’s hair is falling out, even though some fuzz is still visible, although only slightly.

Hair Loss Causes

This kind of hair loss, children commonly show it, is treated quickly and easily simply by discontinuing the headgear. On the other hand, hair treatments are required when the child may suffer from a fungal infection that has caused an attack to the follicles and thus resulted in a loss of hair.

Most commonly associated with such fungi is ringworm, and with proper treatment there is no need for any hair loss treatments or medical hair restoration.

Instead, ensure that your child will not share hats, combs or any other such item with another child and then apply a fungus cream – your pediatrician will either prescribe one or suggest and over the counter product – to the affected area.

Believe it or not, but some non-adult hair loss is indeed caused by over styling! This is frequently seen in young beauty pageant contestants

where parents are using harsh chemicals to curl or straighten and even dye hair, usually without realizing that a child’s hair is rather

fragile and what might be acceptable – though not recommended – for an adult’s hairdo, is capable of destroying a child’s hair. The same is true for young

African American children whose hairs are braided in tight corn rows and who usually have very elaborate hair styles from the youngest ages.

In some cases hair loss children evidence may be directly related to their extracurricular activities, such as swim clubs or outdoor activities where the hair is being made brittle by a hot sun.

Children who enjoy swimming need to be trained in the proper care of their hair after swimming since chlorine is notorious for the damage to the hair it causes.

In the same vein, ensure that those who are out in the sun will either wear a sunhat or, considering that children will be rather caught dead than wearing a sunhat, they use conditioner and even leave in conditioner after such sun exposure.

In some cases the loss of hair, as evidenced by sudden bald patches, may also be an indication of a behavioral problem. Insist on a visit with the pediatrician to rule out physical or behavioral reasons for your child’s hair loss before checking for treatment options.

Hair Loss Causes