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Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey 2019

world hair turkey

world hair turkey-Turkey, which stands out with its investments in health tourism, has served and continues to serve millions of patients from all over the world for years.

Hair transplant clinics and doctors who want to increase service exports in Turkey to a much higher level;

it continues to improve itself day by day and increase its technological and marketing investments.

They have to get quality certificates by completing the tough conditions of the ministry of health. In addition,

they have to have world-class quality certificates related to hair transplantation. When choosing your clinic and surgeon, asking whether they have these documents will create an element of trust for you.Thanks to all these investments and efforts,

the clinics are developing day by day, combining their experience with them, and continue to serve at world standards.

world hair turkey

Hair Transplant Process in TurkeyHair transplantation process in Turkey proceeds within the framework of a fully prepared system.

Prices generally include VIP transportation and 5-star hotel accommodation. First of all, you take you from the airport and take you to a full-fledged hospital and go through a complete health check.

You decide which hair transplant method is suitable for you with professional surgeons and you start the process.

The most important of this process is the quality of the service provided after the hair transplant procedure. Many questions may arise in your mind during the recovery period after your hair transplant procedure.

Clinics in Turkey usually offer a lifetime warranty. For this reason, not only until you have your hair transplant with you;

they will be there for you until your healing process is complete, and even whenever you have a transplant in turkey

ConclusionIf you are considering a hair transplant but are having a hard time choosing between dozens of countries and hundreds of different clinics,

we think this article will help you make your decision.Choosing a clinic that offers superior quality at affordable

prices and has many years of experience will satisfy you both financially and morally. Hair transplantation in Turkey will be the most suitable option for you.

Hair Restoration Then and Now

Hair Restoration Then and NowHair restoration began in the 1950’s with the discovery of the concept donor dominance.

This concept explained that when the follicles were removed, they would still live and be used as replacement where hair was needed.

In the 1960’s and 1970’s, this concept was used to begin surgical procedures, replacing hair follicles using grafts. However,

Cost of Hair Transplants

these procedures looked unnatural because the grafts contained 15-25 hairs.The 1980’s brought a lot of change in the hair restoration field.

The hair transplantation procedure improved to minigrafting, where the grafts contained 5-8 hairs, producing a less obvious look, but still appeared unnatural. While the hair transplantation surgery was making improvements,

Hair Restoration Then and Now

Rogaine was also discovered to treat hair loss by accident. This topical medication was the first treatment in the form of a medication to work to promote new hair growth.In the 1990’s the second drug to treat hair loss, Propecia, came about also by accident.

Propecia was very popular because it was a convenient, pill form medication used to treat hair loss. This was a huge leap in the hair restoration field.Today,

hair transplantation has evolved so much that the outcome appears to be as perfect as natural-growing transplant cost in turkey 2019

Micrografting techniques are used by replacing as few as one to four hair follicles at a time. This produces an entirely natural appearance, and certainly a huge improvement from the 1960’s.


HAIR TRANSPLANT RECOVERYMany People are worried about the recovery period following hair transplant surgery.

Though hair transplant surgery is a cosmetic surgery procedure, it is a minimal invasive procedure performed only at 2 to 4mm skin depth.

While performing hair transplant surgery either by follicular unit transplantation ( FUT ) / Follicular Unit Strip Surgery


( FUSS ) or by follicular unit extraction ( FUE ) / Direct Hair Implantation ( DHI / DHT ) the working depth is only below 4mm, which means hair transplant surgery is performed only at superficial hairs of scalp.


One need not to be worried about major complications and recovery time after their hair transplant surgery.

Scalp has a very good vascularity and heals quicker after donar harvesting of hair grafts and after implantation into the bald area.

As normal tissues heals after an injury, the transplanted area heals likewise.Following implantation the grafted area looks

whitish on the first day and on the second day it will look like brownish white and from the third day the scabs on the transplanted area

looks blackish in color and starts to fall out once you start doing hair wash. All the scabs on the implanted area and donor

area will fallout in 15 to 20 days time and skin starts to look normal.Many in the past and even today use to be scared

of hair transplant as many of them are misguided about the complications and recovery process. As a result of misguidence they choose

artificial hair replacement methods like wigs, hair bonding / hair weaving. Today due to more awareness not only many men are preferring

hair transplant surgery to cure their hair loss, hair thinning and baldness, but many women are going for hair transplant surgery as well


The results at New You Hair Clinic have a proven record of successful hair growth results performed on patients.

However, it mainly depends upon individuals and proactive response in following post-surgery hair transplantation turkey


Besides, we always believe in providing the best quality of treatment with advanced surgical instruments to yield prospective results in curing baldness.

Following are the reasons for varied hair transplant results:


  1. Hair Transplant techniques and results are not the same for all individuals.
  2. Hair Transplant Results vary from person to person depending on the technique, donor area, dense packing and surgical sessions.
  3. Excessive smokers and alcoholics would have a reduced hair growth compared to non smokers and non alcoholics.
  4. Diabetic and aged patients undergoing hair transplant would also have less hair growth compared to Non Diabetics and Younger individuals.
  5. In Very Rare incidences there would be a need for second hair transplant surgery (0.5%).